EL ARTíCULO DEFINIDO (el, la, los, las)

Explanation detail:  Article definite is “the” in English. This is used to identify a particular thing or a person.

I’m going to the supermarket.

That’s the woman I was talking to.

Generally the words which end in “o” are masculine

 And in “a” are feminine but there are exceptions also.

Por exemplo-

El libro (The book)

La casa- (The house)

Los libros- (The books)

Las casas- (The houses)

                  EL ARTíCULO INDEFINIDO (un, una, unos, unas)

Article indefinite is “a/an”  in English. The plural is “some/ any”

Is there a supermarket nearby?

I need a pen.

Por ejemplo-

Un gato- A cat

Unos gatos- Some cats

Una mesa- A chair

Unas mesas- Some chairs